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Sunday, July 27, 2014

What's in a handbag...

WritersBootcamp challenge Day 24 topic: What's on my desk/in my handbag/my pocket/my car....

A couple of weeks ago myself and two work colleagues went to The Toad on the road for lunch. During our time there we had a few glasses of wine. At some point my one colleague Tracey reached into her handbag to get something and pulled out a pair of tiny socks, to which she pronounced "You know you're a mom when you have toddler socks in your handbag". We all chuckled for a moment and then my other colleague Heather proceeded to empty the contents of her handbag onto the table while saying "Check what's in mine".

My reaction to all this (while giggling and sipping wine) was to feed my social media addiction by whipping out my smartphone and taking a photo of said contents. This was either to Tweet, Instagram (latergram) or blog about at a later stage, I was undecided at the time). So today's post was meant to be, as I blog the contents of my friend and colleagues handbag.

1 Wallet with the usual wallet type contents.
1 Identity book in a lovely sunflower cover.
1 Plastic medicine spoon. (she is also a mom).
1 Car key with remote.
1 Pink plastic container, minus the lid which was mysteriously missing.
1 Tube of hand cream.
1 Packet of tissues.
1 Breath freshener spray bottle.
1  Cellphone.
1 Lighter.
2 Packets of cigarettes.
Various till slips.
1 packet/box of Tic Tacs.
An old R 2 and R5 note (haven't seen those in years).
A pink highlighter (she is a teacher after all).
And a thing that I don't quite recall the name of, but it's apparently a device to measure running distance. This was particularly strange and Heather is neither a runner nor a jogger type of person and the device had no batteries in it.

My own handbag is quite standard: Wallet (usually on the empty side)..
                                                       Lip gloss.
                                                       3 pens.
                                                       4 USB sticks.
                                                       Hand cream
                                                       Hairbands x 3
                                                       Miscellaneous papers, among them old till slips.

So, what's in yours?

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