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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My 5 Favourite words @Writersbootcmp #blog

Day 2 of the @Writersbootcmp challenge and the topic is: My 5 favourite words...... so here goes.

1  Serendipitous- Occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way.
                             Just love the meaning of this one!

2  Scrumptious - splendid, delectable, pleasing or delicious.
                           The best way to describe anything that gives you a mouthgasm.

3  Onbeskryfbaar- Afrikaans for indescribable.
                             Some times Afrikaans words just sound more meaningful than their English counterparts.                                Imagine if the love of your life said: My liefde vir jou is onbeskryfbaar!!!! oooh lala. My                                    love for you is indescribable. Also I like the fact that it's spelled exactly the way you say                                it.

4  Prestidigitation - Performance or skill in performing magic or conjuring tricks.
                             I love this word mainly because it's such a difficult word to pronounce correctly and little                                children generally struggle to say it. Also you can play that game; Say prestidigitation 10 times                               in a row really fast without getting your tongue in a twist. (bet you can't).

5  Bonjour - Hello, a greeting in French.

 I have always loved the sound of the French language. I purchased a 'Learn to speak French fluently' CD and a French dictionary about 10 years ago. Can I speak French? erm....no, but it's still on my bucket list.


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