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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Day 15 WritersBootcamp "Free topic (write about whatever you want)"

Tammy Adams was excited, her 20 year high school reunion was in half an hour and she had the perfect dress. Yes she had been waiting for this moment ever since the invitation arrived a year ago. They say that the best revenge is success and boy was she ever the poster child for it. Her days at Camden High were anything but pleasant and she was ready to show them all just how far she had come.

Her husband Roy was unfortunately away on business, but that didn’t stop her, armed with her cell phone full of family pictures she was going to show those mean girls just what a modern woman looks like.
Her story was one of hard work that finally paid off, her business had grown in just under 10 years and she was now the proud owner of the most successful talent agency in the country. In high school she was the awkward, freckle faced teenager  no one wanted hang out with but not now, oh no, now everyone wanted to be her friend. People she hardly knew came out of the woodwork to comment on knowing her in high school after she appeared on the cover of Women in business magazine. She had it all, the big house, the fancy car a wonderful husband and two adorable children. She was pumped and ready to go.

She couldn’t find the keys to her Porsche cayenne, “Dammit I’m going to be late” she thought to herself. She decided to take Roy’s car instead. As she pulled up to the glitzy Sheraton hotel, her heart started pounding. “Breathe” she whispered to herself “You can do this”.

“Maureen, how are you” greeted Edith Venter, the organiser of the event. Tammy was about to correct her when she was ushered off into the grand ballroom. She looked around for familiar faces, but everyone seemed to look away. “Must make eye contact with someone” she told herself. “I am no longer the shy introverted wallflower everyone knew back then”. She walked around the room, it was beautiful. The tables were decorated with white linen and lavender overlays. Balloons hung overhead in perfect sequence of purple and white. She glanced over to the left corner of the hall; the band was playing what sounded like a mix of 80’s songs with a modern interpretation.

She surveyed the scene once more but still no one made eye contact. “I need a drink” she thought as she veered closer towards the bar area. She sat down and ordered a double Vodka lime and soda. Next to her she could hear two people talking about some horrible car accident that had happened this morning, she leaned in so she could hear more.  “Such a shame isn’t it, the poor family what a waste of life”. Said a skinny man with a slight Irish accent. “I knew her, you know. That Tammy girl. Her and her husband Roy just celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary and I hear she was planning on attending the reunion tonight.”
“Yeah I read the entire family was wiped out on the way to the airport, speed kills you know I wish people would realise that” interjected the bartender.

Tammy sat upright and looked over to the mirror behind the bar, there was no reflection.

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