Why I blog...

I use this blog as a kind of therapy. Sometimes I'm happy and want to share it, sometimes it's just a random thought and sometimes it's to deal with things in my past. After all a burden shared is a burden halved

Monday, May 31, 2010

The wedding!!!!

attached is a few wedding pictures; enjoy!

So Sat the 29th of May was my daughter's wedding day. Melissa Meyer was my middle daughter, I had her when I was 18years old and now she is 19 and all grown up. The wedding went off well, we were all a bunch of nerves in the beginning but in the end it all worked out. Melissa has changed her name to Jasmin as she has married a Muslim and converted to Islam she also has a new surname and a husband. I was a very proud mama to see my daughter looking so beautiful she was positively glowing. It was a very full day starting with the men going off to the mosque while the women stayed behind and dressed the bride in a stunning satin blue dress. Then we all met together in the hall to have a meal together and watch them exchange rings. Next we went home to change into her White traditional wedding dress and it was off to the church for a christian ceremony. There I watched as her dad walked her down the isle with pride and gave her to her husband. My son was the dashingly handsome best man and did a very good "oh no I lost the ring impression" searching all his pockets before he finally found it. They drove off after rice was thrown in a vintage car to take photo's. We were very fortunate God had smiled upon us this day as we had the most beautiful weather. after the photo's it was off to the hall for the reception. All I can say was there was food, food and more food. After the reception it was time to go and see the house that the grooms family had been preparing for the new couple. All went well until his gran took my daughter by the hand and said to me; "say goodbye to your girl she is part of our family now". That's when I could no longer hold back my tears and I sobbed my heart out. Saying goodbye is always hard.

attached is a few wedding pictures; enjoy!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Extended family members

We have 3 new members of our family, their names are Snowy, Roxy and Max.
A month ago we had the unfortunate experience of putting down our Boxer. Her name was Donna and she was the most slobbery oafish dog on the planet, but we loved her and all her quirks. She developed cancer in her jaw and we had no choice but to do the humane thing and let her rest in peace. It was a very sad occasion, the day we took her she jumped up and down with excitement thinking she was going for a walk.

Snowy isn't actually my dog, she belongs to my eldest daughter who paid R5700 for her (I kid you not)just because she is a pedigree with papers and all. This little American bulldog is going to be one spoilt puppy I can tell. Roxy and Max are two boxer's Roxy is the female puppy who is 7months old and Max is the male. Their previous owners emigrated to Australia (along with the other half of South Africa)and were willing to give them away free to a loving home.

So besides two crazy adults three children, two ginger cats a Jack Russel, a miniature daschund, two boxer's and an American bulldog we also have a koi fish pond in the garden. I would say our family is pretty full! oh...but wait....this Sat the 29Th of May I gain a son-in law!!!!

The more the merrier!!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The unworn wedding dress

There is nothing sadder than something not fulfilling the purpose for which it was made! I often wonder am I fulfilling the purpose for which I was made? I have a dress that I bought for a specific occasion. It is a stunning black dress, but sadly the occasion in particular is not going to happen. So there it hangs in my cupboard, it's very existence mocking me a reminder of an event never to be, Like and unworn wedding dress after the engagement has been broken.

When I was little, and my mom was single, I remember her courtng days .Looking for the man who could possibly be 'the one' The string of suitors who came around to see her were all told I was her sister until she was sure (usually around the third date) that knowing she had a child would not chase them away. Once they knew about me, that's when all the "let's suck up to your daughter" behaviour began They thought being nice to the offspring would cement their relationship. (My mom, I am told was quite the player in her day). The two 'suitors' that stood out the most for me, was Andrew and Arthur. Quite coincidentally they both had names that begin with A. Andrew drove a motorcycle and went for karate lessons. I remember riding on the back of his motorbike to watch him do karate as part of some sort of mom's boyfriend/child bonding. Then there was Arthur, who actually got as far as proposing and getting engaged. All seemed set to go, when suddenly my mom backed out (I was too young to understand why at the time and since then never thought to ask) just days before the wedding day. My prospective dad now gone. Her wedding dress, never to fulfill the purpose for which it was made. Just like my black dress.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Full of life

He was a brilliant soccer player in his youth and an even greater coach later on in life. A popular fellow down at the pub. He drank too much, smoked a lot and liked to whistle at the ladies. He was quite the scoundrel in those early days I'm told. He loved his beer, his friends, his soccer and most of all the mountains
Then His life changed and he found his life partner a girl named Evelyn. They got married and had 5 kids, soon after that God found him and he became a wonderful christian. Him and his wife made quite the formidable evangelism team touching hearts and lives with the love of Jesus everywhere they went. His life was now all about God, his family, soccer and the mountains. He was a great provider, father, grandfather and great grandfather. He still loved nature, mountain climbing and long walks in the forest. He was an honourable man who always kept true to his word. Hardworking and willing to help wherever it was needed. As life went on, he bought a caravan and spent his vacations up the west coast with his wife and kids. Then the years went by, the kids moved out had families of their own. He and his wife downscaled sold their house and caravan and settled into a quieter existence, with the exception of the occasional west coast holiday with family and Friends. Life was about serving God, visiting family and friends, watching the kids play matches in their respective sports and lifting grand kids here and there until one day, something was not quite as it should be. The signs were subtle at first but as time went by they became more and more apparent. He had alzheimers. Slowly his brain started to deceive him until eventually his body just said enough. He passed away quietly in the arms of his loving wife and daughter on Friday 14Th of May 2010.

He was my grandad. R.I.P. oupa we will miss you very much, you were well loved and lived a great life and will never be forgotten.

Lionel Reginald Ohlsson born: 13th November 1931- 14th may 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A day full of surprises

So I woke up to what was a very normal sunday morning. Then the surprises began; surprise number 1-> there on my dresser was gift with a handwritten note attached from my eldest. It was a bottle of perfume with a note saying "happy mother's day mom I love you". I was not expecting anything from her as I knew she was broke and probably couldn't afford a gift. Then we went off to church, it was a beautiful mother's day service filled with special songs and poems all dedicated to mothers. Then Surprise no2-> we all got a rose, a box of sweeties and a cupcake (which the men had to serve to us). Surprise no3-> when I got home form church there waiting for me in the microwave was a wonderful breakfast of scrambled eggs made by my daughter. Surprise no4-> On my bed was a pair of funky slippers and a card from my other two children, as well as a card from my husband thanking me for being the mother of his children. Surprise no5-> my gran came home with us form church and made us a delicious pot of curry for lunch (it was very yum). It was a real joy to have all three of my children at home with me for the whole day not something that happens very often these days so we decided to take a family portrait. The last (and only) time we had a full family portrait taken was in 1996! This quickly turned into an impromptu photo shoot (let's just say props and funny hats were involved).

All in all it was definitely not a very normal Sunday. It was a day full of love, family and surprises.