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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Solitude Day 6 @Writersbootcmp

Day 6: Doors and Windows.....

Kathy needed to get away from it all, time to think and reflect. The sudden death of her twin sister at age 27 had left a scar so deep she wasn't sure it would ever heal. Suicide is such a selfish act she thought. No one benefits and those left behind are just filled with questions. 

Kevin had been her rock, he was the love of her life and he was hurting too. She knew he would always be there for her but could she trust him? Then there was the letter she found one night while packing up Maggie's belongings. "Dear Maggie, I can't do this anymore. I hate lying to Kathy she deserves so much more. Yours Kevin"

What were they lying about? Why did Maggie slam the door in Kevin's face the last night she was alive?
So many questions, so much not said.

She rented a private cottage down by the lake. Two nights of solitude will be good for her. She could clear her mind of these thoughts and decide what she was going to do next. Should she confront him with the letter? or say nothing. Thoughts all racing through her head at once.

She arrived with her overnight bag and two ready made meals. The door was a little tricky to unlock. Three locks and a security pin to enter. After she was a million miles from anywhere so security was very important. The bedroom window had the most gorgeous view of the lake and also attracted the early morning sun. All the windows had wooden shutters to block out the harsh sunlight. She decided to close the bedroom shutters as she wanted to sleep in and didn't want the morning sunlight to disturb her much needed rest. She had not slept well for weeks now and felt exhausted.

It had been a very long 4 hour drive and she was tired so she opened the bottle of wine she had stashed last minute into her overnight bag and sat down with a big sigh.

"Tomorrow" she said out loud to herself "I'll decide tomorrow". 

And then just as she was about to drift off into a deep and peaceful sleep, there was a knock at the door.

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