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Sunday, July 20, 2014

If I were an animal/insect, I’d be…

WritersBootcamp challenge day 17 topic: If I were an animal/insect, I'd be....

I want to say something powerful like a lion the king of the jungle or maybe a tiger, equally as majestic . I thought of something graceful like a white stallion or even a beautiful peacock with feathers full of glorious colour. (I would have to be a male) but deep down I am a person and what I most want is what everyone in this life wants... to be loved, unconditionally.To feel useful and to feel appreciated. With this in mind I decided the animal I would most like to be is a dog. With attributes similar to the ones I like to think I have and so a dog seemed the best fit.

They are loyal, to the point of their detriment sometimes. They are intelligent and can be taught. They are cute and come in all shapes and breeds. They are a source of comfort for their human counterparts. They are useful, for a blind man, his guide dog is invaluable. 

They bring a lot of joy to families and can be a little boy's best friend. They can bring warmth and comfort to a homeless person who has nothing but his faithful companion, his dog. They are cute when they are puppies and can evoke emotion in our hearts. 

Of course just like people, there are those who are outcast, forgotten and live in shelters. Then there are the strays that live on the street just waiting for a kind family to rescue them and give them a home. 

Hopefully if I was a dog, I would be a cute little Dachshund living in a happy home with a family who takes me for walks, loves me unconditionally and enjoys my company.

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