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Monday, July 21, 2014

Guilty pleasures...

WritersBootcamp challenge day 18 topic: Guilty pleasures...

When I think of a guilty pleasure my mind immediately races with things like having an affair or flirting with a colleague, quite reminiscent of Alexis Carrington from Dynasty but as I get older I realise that being a responsible adult means that things I took for granted years ago have become my guilty pleasure. I know, very unglamorous and quite boring actually but this is what happens when you are no longer 22 years old and the thought of clubbing till the early hours of the morning seems like a foreign concept.

Chocolate.... Something I truly enjoy and nothing can quite compare to the joy of having it all to yourself. Since my fiance and I are on a strict budget financially this is somewhat of a luxury for me so when I do get to enjoy chocolate and I don't have to share it with any of our collective 6 kids, it does make me feel a little guilty but hey YOLO.

A trip to the Toad on the road... This is our local pub, it is our place to be free, have a few beers and hang out with other grown ups. We go there as often as our finances will permit (which is maybe once a week) It started out as our Sunday evening reward, after having the children all weekend and only doing family type activities with them (which doesn't include any grown up type stuff). We would drop them at their moms house and stop by the Toad on the way home for a drink or two. Now days it is our 'go to' place when we feel we just need to get out of the house for a bit. It seems to have become the place we make most of our decisions (good and bad).

Weekend lie-ins.....I think almost everyone who works Monday to Friday can relate to this one. I start at 7am every morning as I am the one who opens up the school, I leave the house at 6:30 am so I am up early every morning. My Saturday and Sunday morning lie-ins are very special to me, I don't get out of bed before 8am. Now that out kids are all big enough to sort themselves out this is something we are able to do without any guilt, but it still feels like a treat every time.

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