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Monday, February 1, 2010

family ties

My mother had three children. Me(mistake no:1) , a product of free night and alcohol abuse, my sister (mistake no:2) also the product of alcohol and free love. well i was told hey its was the 70's everyone was promiscuous. and My brother (the only planned for child) who was born when i was 10yrs old. Isn't it strange my mom conceived and literally "popped" out two healthy girls unplanned for and when she finally gets married and decides to have a child it took her three years to conceive and two miscarriages before my brother graced us with his presence.

when I came along my mother was only 17 years old and still living at home with her parents.

My grandparents were a very happy but humble couple who lived simply and got by without much. Grandpa worked for the Post Office, fixing telephone lines and Grandma or Ma as we all affectionately call her, stayed at home and took care of the kids (their 5 children and me child no:6). When my mom made mistake no: 2 she decided it was too much strain on their family life to have a 7th child so she discreetly "went away" for a couple of months. She had put my sister up for adoption much to the disappointment of my grandparents who were very family orientated and would do anything for anybody. I was only told of the existence of my sister when i was 13years old.

I have always had this enormous concern for closed adoptions and sperm banks. That someday you may meet someone of the opposite sex so perfect for you in every way, that it's like you were separated at birth, only to find out that in fact your DNA does come form the same donor.

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