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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My favourite restaurant

Day 8 #Blogvember: What is your favourite restaurant....

I initially didn't want to do this post as my blog is not for advertisement. I don't do blog giveaways and there is no advertisements on my blog. It is simply an outlet for me to share, regardless of whether anyone reads it or not. I didn't want to have this post seem like a giant advertisement for a particular establishment and so I procrastinated about it and now I am 3 days behind. So here goes...... my favourite restaurant and why.

So technically it's not really a restaurant, it's a pub. They do have a kitchen and they do serve food, so it's a pub slash restaurant and they serve awesome pizza. I love the Toad on the road because it is 2 minutes drive from home and only a 20 minute walk if for some reason I am unable to drive myself home. Their prices are reasonable, I know most of the waiters names and I love the gorgeous view of the mountain from the courtyard.

In a nutshell The Toad on the Road has become our home away from home.

Scott and I have spent many a happy night there people watching. It is our go to place when we have no plans but want to get out for a bit.

This is where we go to:

Have a few drinks
Eat a meal.
Celebrate a birthday, promotion, good day
Drown our sorrows when we have had a bad day.
Meet friends.
Have a bachelor party.
Unwind from the week/weekend.
Make bad decisions.

This is where our dignity is left some Sunday evenings and why Monday mornings hate The Toad.

The awesome downstairs bar

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