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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Extended family members

We have 3 new members of our family, their names are Snowy, Roxy and Max.
A month ago we had the unfortunate experience of putting down our Boxer. Her name was Donna and she was the most slobbery oafish dog on the planet, but we loved her and all her quirks. She developed cancer in her jaw and we had no choice but to do the humane thing and let her rest in peace. It was a very sad occasion, the day we took her she jumped up and down with excitement thinking she was going for a walk.

Snowy isn't actually my dog, she belongs to my eldest daughter who paid R5700 for her (I kid you not)just because she is a pedigree with papers and all. This little American bulldog is going to be one spoilt puppy I can tell. Roxy and Max are two boxer's Roxy is the female puppy who is 7months old and Max is the male. Their previous owners emigrated to Australia (along with the other half of South Africa)and were willing to give them away free to a loving home.

So besides two crazy adults three children, two ginger cats a Jack Russel, a miniature daschund, two boxer's and an American bulldog we also have a koi fish pond in the garden. I would say our family is pretty full! oh...but wait....this Sat the 29Th of May I gain a son-in law!!!!

The more the merrier!!!!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful family your SIL will be joining! :) Love the puppy pics