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I use this blog as a kind of therapy. Sometimes I'm happy and want to share it, sometimes it's just a random thought and sometimes it's to deal with things in my past. After all a burden shared is a burden halved

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A day full of surprises

So I woke up to what was a very normal sunday morning. Then the surprises began; surprise number 1-> there on my dresser was gift with a handwritten note attached from my eldest. It was a bottle of perfume with a note saying "happy mother's day mom I love you". I was not expecting anything from her as I knew she was broke and probably couldn't afford a gift. Then we went off to church, it was a beautiful mother's day service filled with special songs and poems all dedicated to mothers. Then Surprise no2-> we all got a rose, a box of sweeties and a cupcake (which the men had to serve to us). Surprise no3-> when I got home form church there waiting for me in the microwave was a wonderful breakfast of scrambled eggs made by my daughter. Surprise no4-> On my bed was a pair of funky slippers and a card from my other two children, as well as a card from my husband thanking me for being the mother of his children. Surprise no5-> my gran came home with us form church and made us a delicious pot of curry for lunch (it was very yum). It was a real joy to have all three of my children at home with me for the whole day not something that happens very often these days so we decided to take a family portrait. The last (and only) time we had a full family portrait taken was in 1996! This quickly turned into an impromptu photo shoot (let's just say props and funny hats were involved).

All in all it was definitely not a very normal Sunday. It was a day full of love, family and surprises.

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