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I use this blog as a kind of therapy. Sometimes I'm happy and want to share it, sometimes it's just a random thought and sometimes it's to deal with things in my past. After all a burden shared is a burden halved

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Instant society

We live in an instant society, no longer content to wait a reasonable amount of time for coffee to percolate, we buy instant coffee. Don't feel like mixing ingredients and baking? buy instant pudding. Too much effort to make gravy from scratch no worries, you can get the gravy powder that you mix with boiling water and have wonderful gravy (it even comes in various flavours) just like grandma used to make in under a minute. Instant meals already made for those who just don't feel like bothering, just heat and eat. I ask myself with the current trend what's next instant babies?? Oh yes that's a great concept, can I have one that grows up in one minute too so I can skip the teenage years?

So now fast food just isn't fast enough if we still have to actually go into the establishment and order a meal and then wait. No we want to be able to just drive up and pick up our meal on our way through. Yip this is awesome, order at one window and by the time you get to the next window Taa-daa your meal is there. Oh dear but if (heaven forbid) it isn't there and we actually have to wait 5 minutes or so in our car, well then the service is just shocking!

I want it all and I want it now!!!

The list of instantaneous living goes on: speed dating hhmm find your soul mate in 3 minutes? Garages promising service delivery so fast they will get you back on the road super quick. Woolworths have a sign that says "this is a 3 minute queue, if you find yourself waiting longer than that please contact the management" Pizza delivery promised within a certain amount of time or it's free. This places extra and undue pressure on the delivery man to get it there on time or he doesn't get paid. All because we are an impatient society. Shew just thinking about how ones life can change in an instant.

So I will leave you with this now:


As I need to go stand in a queue at the traffic department to pay my outstanding speeding fine.


  1. So true! We live such a fast paced life that we should enjoy it when we are forced to take a few breaths while waiting for the coffee to brew or the meal to be made... Hope your trip to pay your speeding fine made you slow down and breathe.. xoxo

  2. wow thank you Jessica yes I have to remind myself on a daily basis to slow down and to quote a phrase stop and smell the roses