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I use this blog as a kind of therapy. Sometimes I'm happy and want to share it, sometimes it's just a random thought and sometimes it's to deal with things in my past. After all a burden shared is a burden halved

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stop looking

Single women out there who constantly whine about not having a relationship or a man in their life and expect him to drop into their lap, just stop!!!

Ok if you are single that may have sounded a little harsh, but let me explain.....

I have watched some women on social media complaining endlessly about the lack of good men out there and moan about being lonely. Yes I agree being lonely is no fun, we all want someone to spoon with or to cuddle late at night, I get it and I really understand.

What I don't understand is this constant need to find THE ONE. I have seen woman make status after status groaning about ''when will I find the one, I need a boyfriend, am I destined to be alone forever?"

The problem is this: you need to stop 'looking' and go out and have fun.

I did some research and asked almost every couple I know, (and I know a lot of people) how they met.

Apart from one couple who met through a dating site, everyone else had met their partner at a time when they were not really going out actively looking for one. It was either a friend of a friend, or they met in a bar while having drinks with the girls. A work colleague who introduced them. Or through some form of customer service connection. Some met at university while others were friends of their partners siblings.

The point is this: All of these people were simply out there, living their lives. Having fun and hanging out with friends when they met their respective partners.

I mean it stands to reason that the special guy you are meant to be with is not going to land in your lap while you are at home complaining about being lonely. Go out, have fun, hang with some mates. Get a hobby that will expose you to more people. The more contact you have with other people the greater your chances of meeting them and maybe some day when you least expect it, one of those people will end up spending a lifetime with you.

Live life!!! Be!!! socialise!!!! and attract the right person.


  1. Oh so very true - when you are happy by yourself, enjoying being single is when he pops up out of nowhere

  2. I agree that you need to get out there and have fun and enjoy being single. However, I am not sure that it always works to meet a partner. I ended up with a whole lot of friends - not a bad thing at all. I really loved being single and was very busy and involved with a lot of sports and activities. I did however end up meeting my husband on one of those dating websites.

    1. Thank you for your comment, I am so glad you found your man :) I did not mean to down dating sites in general I myself met my partner through twitter!!! what I meant was some people do not put them selves out there at all in any form, be it a dating site or going out and enjoying life, and then they wonder why they are single.