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I use this blog as a kind of therapy. Sometimes I'm happy and want to share it, sometimes it's just a random thought and sometimes it's to deal with things in my past. After all a burden shared is a burden halved

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Young mommy

Being a young mom was awesome. I was always the youngest mom at all the P.T.A meetings and I loved the fact that when my daughters got to high school the other mom's thought we were sisters.

The day my eldest (now turning 22 in November) was born, I was 16 years old. I fell pregnant as a teenager and got married two weeks after I turned 16. I gave birth on November 22nd 1988 in Constantiaberg maternity ward. As I was not there the day before to pre-order my lunch, they brought it to me with a small bottle of red wine. I remember it so vividly it was a bottle of red Nederberg wine 1984 vintage (nogal). When the nurse brought it to me, I looked at her in disbelief. "who is this for?" I politely asked, pointing to the wine. "Its for you" was her reply. "Wow" I said, "but I'm not even old enough to drink". Then she looked at me with a look that said; but you're a married woman with a baby, what are you doing here.

Being young when you have your first child can be both scary and exciting at the same time. Not having any 'life' experience I didn't know what to expect. My mom tried to tell me of her experiences and covered most of the basics, but failed to mention one teeny tiny and particularly horrifying experience. I had to discover first hand what an enema was!!! Yip and now I know!!!

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  1. Incredible how different our lives turn out to be. If my sums are correct you are younger than I am and wow, I have 3 year olds!

    Great to meet you.